June 2015


Filled out an office query in preparation for a meeting later today with WPR.

Provided some very non-descriptive feedback on bug 1168643.

Provided needinfo on bug 1164078.

Attended meetings with WPR, the A-team, and the monthly internal MoCo meeting.


Provided needinfo for bug 1170479.

Provided more feedback on bug 1168643.

Reviewed PR 56 to the WebDriver specification.

Defined the Refresh command in WebDriver, but uncertain whether we should have it. Should raise discussion topic on mailing list about whether it could be replaced by Navigate/Get.

Defined the remote end steps for Is Element Displayed in PR 73 to WebDriver.


Filed bug 1170972 about a loop in Nightly’s updater.

Reviewed r/5130.

Rebased and addressed nitpicks for bug 1153822, and continued work on bug 1168396 for updating the Node.js client.


Work on changing PR 58 to WebDriver to have the web element reference associated with the DOM element, instead of a separate web element abstraction. Resubmitted this as PR 76.

Submitted PR 78 that defines Is Element Selected.

Attended office meeting with Denelle.

Replied to bug 28754 in WebDriver about the web element lookup algorithm.

Reviewed PR 77 to WebDriver which improves Set Window Size.


Reviewed PR 79 and PR 80 for WebDriver.

Submitted PR 81 that fixes definition of closing a session and some markup.

Submitted PR 82 that gets the web element from the elementId URL parameter instead of the parameters object.

Submitted PR 83 that defines Get Active Element in WebDriver. However it needs further work once PR 76 lands.

Submitted PR 84 that changes the getting a property definition to use GetOwnProperty from ECMA-262 instead of GetProperty.

Submitted PR 86 to remove quote characters from the validate file name when running make validate in WebDriver.

Continued work on bug 1168396 and was able to get most unit tests passing. Discovered that the marionette-js-client repository has been merged into Gaia, and has had a lot of style fixes to pass a linter. This unfortunately means I will likely have to reapply my entire patch manually.


Started rebasing bug 1168396 on the Gaia repository because I found out on Friday it had been moved and also linted. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

Rebased bug 1153822 and triggered a new try run.

Opened PR 87 against WebDriver which fixes bug 28780.

Continued working on bug 1168396, but basically had to reinstall Node.js from source to get the tests running.

Rebased and fixed up PR 83 on WebDriver that defines Get Active Element.

For future reference I’ve noted down some commands for running tests on Gaia.


Continued working on bug 1168396. Solved a problem with the unmarshaling of elements and made some code reduction improvements to Marionette.Client._findElement.

Reviewed PR 88 about defining Is Element Enabled to WebDriver.

Submitted PR 89 that fixes all validation issues in the WebDriver specification.

Reviewed PR 72 about defining proxies in WebDriver.

Submitted PR 90 that fixes links to top-level browsing context.

Submitted PR 91 that goes into more detail about what it means to end a WebDriver session.

Submitted PR 92 to select the current session and make it active on starting a new session in WebDriver.

Submitted PR 93 to make a distinction between a final remote end, dubbed an endpoint node, and an intermediary node in WebDriver.

Submitted PR 94 to WebDriver which removes the Notes header from the command endpoint definitions.

Submitted PR 95 which fixes the endpoint URI for the Close Window command.

Submitted PR 96 which properly looks at the result of calling getting a known element in WebDriver.


Reviewed rb/10039.

Had 1:1.

Hacked on a bit of Rust code.


Worked on bug 1168396. Solved the failing _findElements tests by always returning an Element even if an error is returned.

Triggered a new try run for bug 1153822.

Pushed bug 1168396 to PR 30570.


Reviewed r/5270.

Submitted PR 101 which fixes some minor prose issues for WebDriver elements.

Submitted PR 102 which simplifies the prose related to Maximize Window and Fullscreen Window somewhat, but more importantly fixes links.

Rebased PR 89 that fixes validation of the WebDriver specification document.


Rebased and fixed an issue in bug 1168396. Also rebased bug 1153822 and triggered a try run.

Submitted PRs 103, 104, 105, , and 97 to WebDriver.


Reviewed PRs 99 and 100.

Filed bug 1175109 and bug 1175116.

Continued work on bug 1168396 whereby by I tried to run tests from Gaia master without RUNTIME set and they turned out to be just as instable as my patch’s tests on my Debian system.


Reviewed rb/11427 and rb/11431 about perserving Gecko log history in Mn tests. It turns out we wrote over the file every time Firefox restarted, which is terrifying but explains why I’ve not been able to find some things when investigating the logs in the past.

Continued work on bug 1168396. Getting familiar with Docker so that I can run the tests in the Taskcluster Docker images. This is so far proving succcessful, which indicates there are local environment problems with my machine that the test harness isn’t dealing with, but so far I don’t know what.

I need to get a container to pick up tests from my local development directory before I can proceed. Also doing a bit of investigation on the possibility of using a remote Docker host from my laptop terminal.


Reviewed bug 1174941.

Otherwise, this is a travel day.


Another travel day to Vancouver via New York.

Reviewed bug 1174941.


Reviewed rb/11807.


Mozilla work week in Whistler.


Filed bug 1177608 about compiling optimised Rust code by default.