WebDriver now
a living standard

The WebDriver specification is now officially a living standard. Practically this means that all changes are automatically published to http://www.w3.org/TR/webdriver/.

This brings an end to the era of forever outdated (two years in our case!) technical reports. It also helps bridge the disconnect many readers were having when they looked for information on our specification.

This is made possible with the Echidna tool that has recently been developed at the W3C. It integrates with Github and Travis, and lets you trigger the publishing steps when changes land on a specific branch in your source repository.

A possible future enhancement is abandoning the now superfluous master branch in favour of making the autopublishing gh-pages the default. The two-step landing process seems more tuned towards a levelled Editor’s Draft-to-Working Draft model.

Thanks to tripu and Michael[tm] Smith for doing the legwork.