February 2016


Try runs for bug 1239987 is looking terrible. Rebased it and investigating. Found that I had left some packaging steps out causing the builds to fail on CI.

The new try runs are looking OK, except it’s nearly impossible to get Wr green on Linux debug.

Rebased bug 1123506 and fixed up code review issues. Also issued new try runs.

Commented on bug 1222277 about the wierd Python SSL bug in the standard library.


Filed bug 1245064 about imlementing the element interactability algorithm from the WebDriver specification.

Pushed bug 1239987 to inbound.

Investigated bug 1244837.


Started work on bug 1245153 about converting remaining util code in Marionette to JS modules.

Filed bug 1245572 about reusing the event dispatching code from testing/marionette/event.js in testing/marionette/actions.js.

Pushed 16 changesets (!) for bug 1245153 to review.


Addressed code review issues for bug 1245153.

Reviewed bug 1244837 which fixes a performance regression for Firefox UI tests.


Rebased and landed bug 1245153, turning all remaining files in Marionette into JS modules, on inbound following a successful try run last night.

Bug 1245153 was backed out because of breakage in Mochitests. Apparently devtools loads in code from the Marionette, which is scary on so many levels.


Spent some time to set up a git-cinnabar repository. Hopefully soon I will be able to get rid of my hg checkout.

Patched bug 1240789. This was the first bug I have submitted from git, using the git-mozreview tool.

Did another change with the EventUtils.js import to see if it resolves the test failures in devtools for bug 1245153, which removes Marionette’s copy of it.

Filed and patched bug 1246407 regarding renaming the Marionette client- and harness directories to reflect what they actually contain. However, this does not change the Python package names.

Filed and patched bug 1246411 which lints testing/marionette/driver.js.


Address test failures in bug 1245153 and bug 1246407.


Fixed more consistency in mochitest’s EventUtils. It used to be possible to pass in optional window argumens to functions in EventUtils, and I’ve submitted a patch to rectify this behaviour as part of the fixups to bug 1245153.

The latest changes to use mochitest’s EventUtils.js and changes to have it consistently rely on the given window arguments appear to fix the failing devtools mochitests. I’ve requested review from pbrosset and jmaher, respectively, for rb/33419.

Started investigating bug 1245153 and found that the Marionette Python packaging in mozharness is funky. Apparently the marionette_driver package is extract inside the marionette_client package.






Rebased bug 1245153.

Filed bug 1247569 about the commit list being too long in MozReview.

Finally landed bug 1245153 on inbound, after some small issues with Autoland.

Provided needinfo on bug 1230151.

Reviewed bug 1247073 which disables extension logging.

Commented on PR 289 which attempts to add a bit more prose to sending keys to elements in the WebDriver specification.

Continued work on WebDriver specication test integration in wptrunner.


Continued work on WebDriver specification test integration into wptrunner.


Continued same work. Made some progress and have a working prototype with lots of bugs and mistakes.


More work on the WebDriver specification test integration with wptrunner. The prototype is coming along nicely and it now runs simple tests without any hiccups.


Submitted PR 171 that implements a harness to run WebDriver specification tests for Firefox, using Marionette, to wptrunner.

Also submitted PR 51 to wpt-tools to have a repr() implementation for the ManifestItem type.

Attempted to address the remaining mochitest issues with bug 1245153. It appears that in some contexts, the aWindow/window object is not privileged, meaning one does not have direct access to aWindow.navigator or even aWindow.KeyboardEvnet.


Sick, essentially.

Fixed more issues with retrieving the navigator global this time, with bug 1245153.






Provided feedback on the new office design plans.

Fixed up more test failures in Mochitests for bug 1245153. I have a good feeling they’re all eradicated now. Apparently some code, somewhere, is calling _getDOMWindowUtils with a falsy argument, causing the default window argument to be disregarded. For this reason I’m leaving a if (!aWindow) { aWindow = window; } check in.


Fixed up yet another issue for bug 1245153. Remind me to never touch EventUtils.js ever again. Also rebased, but have to wait with try run because of an emergency tree closing window.


Filed bug 1250102 about using a promise for ElementManager#find in Marionette.

Patched bug 1242655 to have ActionChain#dispatchActions return a promise.

Worked on bug 1250102 to have ElementManager#find return a promise, but this pretty much involves rewriting all of the element location code.


Submitted patch for bug 1250102 to make the element location functions in Marionette return a promise.

Fixed up various code review issues and clarified a few points in the patch for bug 1246407, which renames the marionette_driver and marionette_client parent directories.

Rebased bug 1123506.

Responded to code review in r/6185.


Spent basically the entire day work on bug 1123506. Rebased and adapted the patch to some recent import changes.

A fresh try run is still showing the same issues as before, with various failures in WPT CSP (Content Security Policy) tests.

Got help from jgraham to figure out wptrunner and WPT test specifics. Later requested more info from ckerschb on the sanity of the tests.


Attended office design meeting.

Rebased and landed bug 1246407 that renames the Marionette client- and harness parent directories to make sense.


Rebased bug 1123506.

Filed bug 1251701 about fixing failing Marionette e10s tests on Windows in preparation for bug 1251351.

Reviewed bug 1251692.


Wrote email to tools-marionette@ regarding the renaming of the Python client- and harness directories. This work was tracked in bug 1246407.

Helpd jgraham confirm that the WPT tests are still functional through mach on inbound.

Investigation into bug 1251701 that aims to fix issues running Marionette e10s tests on Windows.

Attended monthly internal meeting.

Wrote a patch for bug 1251701 to address test failures for Mn-e10s on Windows 7.