March 2016


Attended pension meeting.


Work on WebDriver specification test integration into wptrunner.

Submitted patch for bug 1251701 that changes imported scripts from being stored in files to being stored in memory. This addresses some test failures to do with file paths on Windows 7, unblocking bug 1251351.

Attended QA meeting with Denelle.


Fixed code review issues with bug 1251701 and pushed it to inbound.

Commented on bug 1251600 to use the platformName capability instead of platform.

Rebased bug 1123506 and investigated and compared the try runs with those from bug 1122236. Bug 1122236 is making changes that affect the tests that are failing for bug 1123506, but I’m so far unable to tell the significance.

Filed and patched bug 1253236 to clean up some minor API issues to do with element.checkVisible in Marionette.

Filed and patched bug 1253244 to reduce the repition of various functions to get the coordinates of elements in Marionette.


Submitted patch for bug 1253248 to use the element.Strategy enum consistently throughout Marionette.

Submitted an additional change to bug 1253244 with added security checks fo element.coordinates, as well as more documentation and tests.

Submitted patch for bug 1245064 which contains a major refactor of testing/marionette/interaction.js and testing/marionette/accessibility.js. It also implements the WebDriver element pointer-interactability algorithm.

Submitted patch for bug 1253677 to remove the run_test functions from the Marionette xpcshell tests.

Filed and submitted patch for bug 1253671 that makes testing/marionette/listener.js strict. Also addresses a few linting issues.


Attended fortnightly team meeting.

Worked on resolving test failures in bug 1253248, regarding using element.Strategy throughout Marionette.


Filed bug 1254486, where invalid selector expressions are not returning errors when using the command to find multiple elements.

Addressed some test failures related to anonymous nodes and anonymous attributes in bug 1253248.

Addressed test failures in bug 1253244 related to the type checks in the rewritten element.coordinates function.

Addressed test failures to do with enforcing strictness in bug 1253671.

Filed and fixed bug 1254521 that addresses some issues with the API documentation in testing/marionette/element.js.

Filed and fixed bug 1254523 that converts modal.Dialog to an ES6 class.

Gave feedback on new office design.

Investigation into bug 1251763 shows that the Find Element command has issues with certain selectors. It appears to always return something that usually resolves to a stale element. This was caused by bug 1250102.

Fixed bug 1251763.


1:1 with dburns.

Fixed up code review issues with the WebDriver spec harness integration patch to wptrunner.

Investigated backout of bug 1245064.

Requested needinfo on bug 1223277.


Rebased bug 1253671. Unable to reproduce crashes from last try run.

Submitted PR 290 to WebDriver which renames the Get command to Go.

Requested needinfo on bug 1251763 to confirm the fix.

Rebased bug 1123506.


Half a day of PTO.


Provided input on bug 1130979.


Assigned bug 1255064 and requested review from maja.


Commented on bug 1256669 regarding measuring Marionette performance.

Made comment on commit message for bug 1256439 that fixes a Marionette regression.

Worked on the wdspec test harness in wptrunner. It’s nearing completion I think, and has most of the basic features we need. However I do feel a little bit anxious about not having tried to write many tests using it yet.

Submitted PR 53 to wpt-tools’ manifest parser to populate the url property for wdspec tests.

Submitted PR 52 again to the manifest parser to allow wdspec tests directly underneath /webdriver in the Web Platform Tests.


Rebased bug 1123506. Since bug 1122236 is now on central, it will be interesting to see if the test changes will have any impact on the failing tests.

Provided input on bug 1257144 regarding NS_ERROR_UNRECOGNIZED_PATH.

Patched bug 1257153 where implicit wait timers were not cancelled when Marionette failed to locate the elements. This fixes a timer callback leak.

Half a day of PTO.



Submitted PR 2707 to WPT to upgrade the tools/ modules.

Filed and patched bug 1257523 which removes GeckoDriver.prototype.deleteFile.

Filed and patched bug 1257526 changing the screen orientation commands in Marionette to return unsupported operation errors on desktop.

Provided needinfo request on bug 1143908. regarding making GeckoDriver.prototype.switchToFrame WebDriver compatible.

Resolved bug 1255906 as invalid. It was about the input type to Send Alert Text in Marionette.

Triaged a lot of bugs from Titus Fortner as blocking a spec-compatible WebDriver implementation.

Filed bug 1257585 about serving only HTTPS on







Rebased and landed bug 1257526.

Submitted PR 291 which removes custom CSS styling from the WebDriver specification.


Cleared needinfo on bug 1259029.

Commented on bug 1258931 about --disable-accessibility breaking reftests run with Marionette.

Commented on bug 1259055 regarding test state bleed in the Marionette window management tests.

Reviewed bug 1259029.

After a discussion with jgraham and maja_zf about the prospect of vendoring pytest in Mozilla’s tree, I needinfo’ed gps on bug 1253359. The wdspec harness currently uses nosetest, but if only for consolidation it would be better to use what other people at Mozilla are interested in using internally. What Mozilla decides to do will ultimate limit the choices available to WPT. The other two choices are to integrate unittest, which isn’t a fun prospect, or to write a home-brewed runner ourselves.


Reviewed internship applications for maja_zf.

Provided needinfo on bug 1237396.

Started work on converting the WebDriver specification harness to use pytest over nosetest. Asking maja_zf questions about this as she has done work on this for the Marionette harness unit tests.


Submitted PR 57 to wptrunner for vendoring pytest, since the WebDriver specification tests will start using it soon. Also submitted PR 2730 to the Web Platform Tests to update the wpt-tools submodule so it includes this change.

Continued work on integrating WebDriver specificiation tests with wptrunner.

Opened PR 58 because I forgot to add the pytest path to the script in wpt-tools.


Provided some info on bug 1257922. Requested more details from reporter in bug 1260959. Provided a small update on pytest vendoring in bug 1253359.

Finished up the last pieces of PR 171 to add a WebDriver specification test runner for Firefox to wptrunner. Awaiting further review from maja_zf on the pytest specific bits.

Submitted PR 2735 to move the existing body of WebDriver tests into /old-tests so they do not get picked up by the manifest parser whilst we make the transition to the new WebDriver specification test harness.

Reviewed patch for bug 1261138.