July 2017

Saturday 1st

Travel to New York.

Commented on issue 893 to the WebDriver specification about waiting for more conditions, such as layout, painting, font loading, and idleness, before taking a screenshot.

Sunday 2nd

Travel to Stockholm.

Submitted deliverables for Q2 2017.

Continued work on the new window tracking architecture for Marionette.

Filed and patched bug 1377767.

Sunday 9th

Rebased and rewrote commit message of bug 1368068.

Patched bug 1378227.

Closed issue 810 and issue 814 to geckodriver.

Commented on issue 800 to geckodriver about the Set Timeouts command not working. We need to release a new version of geckodriver because bug 1375425 changed it to use the Marionette setTimeouts command. Filed bug 1379482 to track the 0.18.0 release of geckodriver.

Closed on issue 974 to the WebDriver specification about an inaccurate question about signedness in integers.

Submitted PR 975 to the WebDriver standard, fixing issue 973.

Filed bug 1379490 and commented on bug 1378191.

Commented on PR 105 to webdriver-rust regarding the implementation of a Minimize Window command for Marionette.

Reviewed bug 1378121.

Monday 10th

Submitted patches for bug 1379482, to prepare geckodriver for the 0.18.0 release.

Commented on bug 1330309.

Commented on bug 1362293.

Commented on issue 3943 to Selenium regarding geckodriver log verbosity (again).

Closed issue 807 as it is a Selenium client issue, because geckodriver 0.17.0 and greater has an endpoint for sending Firefox into fullscreen mode.

Triaged and commented on issue 806 to geckodriver regarding adding an endpoint for minimising the window.

Commented on bug 1377510 about how Marionette’s addon service works.

Closed issue 817 to geckodriver as it is inactionable.

Commented on issue 798 to geckodriver.

Closed issue 775 to geckodriver due to inactivity.

Commented on issue 789 to geckodriver regarding the pointerMove action defaulting to the web element’s centre point. For testing canvas and other high-precision things it may make more sense for it to default to the element’s top-left point.

Commented on issue 812 to geckodriver.

Closed issue 816 to geckodriver as it is a Selenium question.

Commented on issue 815 to geckodriver.

Closed issue 811 to geckodriver.

Commented on geckodriver issue 661 with triggering a DOM dblclick event on two rapid pointerDown actions in succession.

Commented on the WebDriver standard issue 958.

Tuesday 11th

Closed PR 805 to geckodriver.

Commented on geckodriver issue 815.

Rebased and commented on bug 1378227.

Relased geckodriver version 0.18.0.

Reviewed selenium-docs PR 132.

Commented on geckodirver issue 818.

Made substantive progress on bug 1311041 to do with modernising the window tracking architecture in Marionette.

Commented on geckodriver issue 808.

Wednesday 12th

Commented on geckodriver issue 815.

Closed geckodriver issue 800.

Commented on geckodriver issue 820. It appears we have broken the Maximize Window command.

Commented on geckodriver issue 818.

Commented on geckodriver issue 821.

Commented on WebDriver spec issue 977 regarding using WebDriver on STBs and devices.

Continued work on bug 1311041.

Commented on geckodriver issue 820.

Reviewed WebDriver PR 978.

Commented on a href=https://bugzil.la/1377510>bug 1377510.

Thursday 13th

Closed geckodriver issue 824 as a duplicate of issue 820.

Commented on geckodriver issue 820.

Closed geckodriver issue 822 because it is a Selenium client binding issue.

Closed geckodriver issue 745 because it is not reproducible.

Closed geckodriver issue 769.

Closed geckodriver issue 826 as a duplicate of issue 820.

Closed geckodriver issue 808 as a potential duplicate of issue 820.

Continued work on bug 1311041.

Monday 17th

Reviewed bug 1378121.

Reviewed bug 1380936.

Reviewed bug 1381339.

Provided needinfo on bug 1365308.

Reviewed bug 1381403.

Closed WebDriver issue 981.

Provided needinfo on bug 1242595.

Provided needinfo on bug 1380513.

Provided needinfo on bug 1370535.

Provided needinfo on bug 1375637.

Provided needinfo and patched bug 1381347.

Continued work on bug 1311041, but struggled quite a bit with how to deal with frames.

Commented on geckodriver issue 91.

Commented on geckodriver issue 824.

Commented on geckodriver issue 827.

Commented on WPT PR 6521, and tried delegating the review to someone else.

Commented on bug 1381519.

Updated the WebDriver status document a little bit.

Tuesday 18th

Commented on geckodriver issue 91.

Reviewed bug 1378121, which is a volunteer contribution that adds support for the Minimize Window command to the Marionette remote protocol. Also reviewed bug 1380936 which covers the geckodriver part.

Reviewed bug 1381858.

Reviewed bug 1381399.

Commented on bug 1380309 and bug 1380513, which both appear to be intermittents related to the Maximize Window command. I then filed bug 1381876 to fix the underlying fragility of it.

Commented on geckodriver issue 818.

Added some useful hints to bug 1381519.

Commented on geckodriver issue 829 about making geckodriver accept a Base64 string of a .xpi file to install addons, instead of just a path. This would be useful in distributed systems.

Friday 21st

Commented on issue 833 to geckodriver.

Tuesday 25th

Commented on rustfmt issue 1290.

Closed geckodriver issue 840.

Closed geckodriver issue 839.

Reviewed bug 1383931 which allows passing a Base64-encoded addon to geckodriver.

Wednesday 26th

Filed bug 1384517 to generate Marionette server API documentation.

Reviewed bug 1383931.

Filed and patched bug 1384517 for generating Marionette server API documentation.

1:1 with dburns.

Work on bug 1375185.

Reviewed bug 1378121.

Thursday 27th

Commented on geckodriver issue 842.

Closed geckodriver issue 847 as neither geckodriver or Firefox is able to run as a service on Windows.

Commented on geckodriver issue 837.

Rebased, amended, and reviewed bug 1378121 to add the Minimize Window command to the Marionette server.

Filed and patch bug 1384906 to end TEST-START and TEST-END lines with a newline character in the Marionette harness.

Submitted PR 985 to the WebDriver specification, which proposes a state field on the window rect, which is supposed to tell which state the top-level browsing context’s OS window is in.

Closed geckodriver issue 463, since bug 1372595 has landed on central, which includes the expiry field in the cookie JSON serialisation.

Submitted PR 986 to the WebDriver specification to clarify what it means to maximize a window.

Submitted PR 987 to the WebDriver specification to allow the Minimize Window command to be called again to restore a window.

Commented on geckodriver issue 840.

Filed bug 1384956 to fix a problem where the content frame script in Marionette always emits debug messages, irregardless of what the log level is set to.

Commented on geckodriver issue 836.

Work on bug 1375185.

Filed and patched bug 1384969 to stop geckodriver from using the browser.dom.window.dump.enabled pref which causes the Browser Console to forward all entries to stdout.

Commented on geckodriver issue 643.

Tried reproducing geckodriver issue 831 without any luck.

Commented on rustfmt issue 1290.

Friday 28th

Filed WebDriver issue 988 about parity for width and height field types between the Get Window Rect and the Set Window Rect commands.

Reviewed bug 1364389.

Closed geckodriver issue 848.

More work on bug 1375185.

Resolved bug 1385143 as invalid because we disable the healthreport when the Marionette server is active.

Commented on geckodriver issue 837.

Commented on rustfmt issue 1290.

Commented on bug 1380936.

Commented on bug 1370403.

Saturday 29th

Filed and patched bug 1385547 to tighten down some eslint rules based on a patch I was requested to review in bug 1357517.

Reviewed bug 1357517. Not terribly excited about removing Preferences.jsm, but I suppose it must be for a reason. (Startup performance?)

Reviewed bug 1364389.

Submitted PR 990 to the WebDriver standard to clarify the invalid element state description.

Commented on bug 1370403.

Filed bug 1385586 about a long-standing annoyance of mine. I found that the GTK widget subsystem in Gecko does not support the X compositor to be reloaded. I spent nearly a day trying to find the culprit…

Closed bug 1311961 and bug 1320630.

Commented on bug 1329833.

Closed bug 1295730 as Marionette returns style colours as they are given by the browser, which is what the WebDriver specification says that we should be doing.

Monday 31st

Reviewed WPT PR 6506.

Commented on geckodriver issue 643.

Closed geckodriver issue 849.

Commented on rustfmt issue 1290.

Triaged bug 1385706.

Following up on geckodriver issue 827, I filed bug 1385873 to fix Marionette from deselecting an <option> element in a regular <select> dropdown. This is opposed to <option>s in <select multiple>, which are supposed to be deselected, and I submitted PR 991 to the WebDriver specification to correct this.

Filed wptrunner issue 256.

Triaged bug 1385895.

Locked geckodriver issue 767.

Submitted a range of patches for bug 1385873.

Work on bug 1375185.