September 2017

Friday 1st

Provided needinfo on bug 1395933.

Provided needinfo on bug 1391605.

Provided needinfo on bug 1387470.

Closed geckodriver issue 917.

Commented on geckodriver issue 650.

Closed geckodriver issue 920 as it is—apparently—supposed to be possible to find elements whilst a user prompt is open.

Commented on geckodriver issue 918.

Closed geckodriver issue 916.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1078.

Commented on geckodriver issue 490.

Closed geckodriver issue 919.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1080.

Dismissed selenium-docs PR 139.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1079.

Commented on WebDriver PR 1081.

Sunday 3rd

Reviewed selenium-docs PR 140.

Closed geckodriver issue 921.

Closed geckodriver issue 922.

Landed the webdriver crate in mozilla-central through bug 1368265.

Submitted patches for actually building geckodriver with the now-in-tree webdriver crate in bug 1368265. .,m

Monday 4th

Commented on WebDriver issue 1082.

Closed geckodriver issue 924.

Provided needinfo and patched bug 1349929 to increase the timeout of the wdspec test.

Addressed code review issues with bug 1368265.

Commented on geckodriver issue 920.

Commented on geckodriver issue 923.

Provided needinfo on bug 1392907.

Filed and patched bug 1396618 to throttle iconification and restoration of windows in Marionette.

Provided needinfo on bug 1331313.

Closed geckodriver issue 926.

Tuesday 5th

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1083.

Commented on geckodriver issue 926.

Moved all webdriver-rust issues from GitHub to the Testing :: geckodriver component in Bugzilla.

Tombstoned the webdriver-rust GitHub repository.

Refiled webdriver-rust PR 117 as bug 1396831.

Commented on bug 1396880.

Provided needinfo on bug 1397007.

Reviewed bug 1387470.

Wednesday 6th

Provided needinfo on bug 1349929Commented on geckodriver issue 929.

Closed geckodriver issue 928.

Provided needinfo on bug 1374283.

Reviewed bug 1331313.

Provided needinfo on bug 1396883.

Provided needinfo on bug 1396142.

Provided needinfo on bug 1336137.

1:1 with dburns.

Work on bug 1396866.

Thursday 7th

Reviewed bug 1397306.

Commented on geckodriver issue 469.

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1087.

Commened on geckodriver issue 619.

Saturday 9th

Filed and patched bug 1398450.

Filed issue 153 with

Submitted PR 1089 to the WebDriver standard about restoring the window before fullscreening it.

Filed bug 1398459.

Patched bug 1396866, which restores the window state when Marionette is asked to fullscreen, minimize, or maximize the window, corrects the typing of the WindowRectResponse struct, and relaxes the typing when the Set Window Rect command is called.

Provided needinfo on bug 1397780.

Closed Selenium issue 4668.

Closed geckodriver issue 938.

Provided needinfo on bug 1397007.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1090.

Submitted WebDriver PR 1091 and commented on geckodriver issue 925.

Tried reproducing geckodriver issue 938 to no avail.

Closed geckodriver issue 930.

Closed geckodriver issue 937.

Commented on geckodriver issue 940.

Commented on geckodriver issue 466.

Commented on geckodriver issue 934.

Investigated geckodriver issue 938 and ended up filing bug 1398792.

Rebased and continued work on marionette-window-tracking.

Commented on bug 1398111.

Commented on geckodriver issue 929.

Commented on geckodriver issue 941.

Reviewed WPT PR 7301 with WebDriver tests for Element Clear.

Closed geckodriver issue 935.

Locked geckodriver issue 511.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1088.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1086.

Commented on geckodriver issue 981.

Commented on geckodriver 859.

Tuesday 12th

Provided needinfo on bug 1399018.

Filed and patched bug 1399076 as a follow-up to bug 1399018 to ensure destroyed weakrefs are being taken into account in the element staleness checks.

Closed geckodriver issue 941.

Commented on bug 1398095.

Patched bug 1397780.

Commented on bug 1398111.

Spent most of the day investigating bug 1397007, which is about the instability of the WebDriver:MinimizeWindow command. Most of the investigation is summarised in comment 11. I also came up with proof of concept fix, which will add a DOM event listener service to the content frame script in Marionette so that we can wait for the visibilitychange DOM event instead of the chrome-level sizemodechange event.

Requested needinfo on bug 1397007.

Rated bug 1393831 as a good-first-bug.

Provided needinfo on bug 1397069.

Provided needinfo on bug 1399135.

Also made bug 1399158 for adding a --jsdebugger flag to geckodriver a good-first-bug.

Triaged and commented on geckodriver issue 947.

Closed geckodriver issue 946.

Addressed code review issue with bug 1398493.

Rebased bug 1396866.

Addressed test failures with bug 1399076.

Wednesday 13th

Commented on bug 336193 regarding why handling SIGTERM is important on Linux. Also added some information on why using Marionette is problematic, but I’m not sure it’s useful to the context of that bug.

Closed geckodriver issue 948.

Closed geckodriver issue 182.

Closed geckodriver issue 943.

Closed geckodriver issue 942.

Commented on bug 1398057 regarding Rust indentation. My opinion is that we should succumb to whatever defautls rustfmt comes with.

Commented on bug 1398111.

Commented on bug 1397007. Of course visibilitychange and sizemodechange are not too strongly correlated.

Commented on geckodriver issue 660.

Reviewed bug 1392984.

Provided needinfo on bug 1396231.

Filed bug 1399441.

Made another review pass of bug 1392984.

Rebased bug 1398493.

Closed bug 1397780 because it was rendered unnecessary by bug 1396866 landing first.

Attended anti-harassment training in the London office.

Closed bug 1333718.

Attended Marionette meeting.

Provided needinfo on bug 1316472.

Patched bug 1397007.

Friday 15th

Provided needinfo on bug 1367736.

Reviewed bug 1399628.

Reviewed bug 1391605.

Filed bug 1400233 to get rid of the element.LegacyKey when Marionette creates web elements.

Filed bug 1400225 and bug 1400225 for fixing bug 1397007.

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1094.

Filed bug 1400256.

Reviewed bug 1385476.

Filed bug 1400289.

Patched bug 1400225.

Commented on geckodriver issue 950.

Saturday 16th

Patched bug 1400289.

Commented on bug 1399441.

Released geckodriver 0.19.0.

Provided needinfo on bug 1391605.

Closed bug 1391605.

Commented on geckodriver issue 951.

Work on bug 1400256.

Commented on geckodriver issue 950.

Monday 18th

Commented on geckodriver issue 953.

Commented on geckodriver issue 955.

Addressed a code review issue with bug 1400289.

Commented on geckodriver issue 951.

Commented on bug 1400289.

Commented on geckodriver issue 956.

Commented on geckodriver issue 957.

Closed geckodriver issue 958.

Work on bug 1400256.

Tuesday 19th

Addressed code review issues with bug 1400225.

Provided needinfo on bug 1389103.

Closed geckodriver issue 957.

Closed geckodriver issue 953.

Commented on bug 1397069.

Commented on bug 1401172.

Provided needinfo on bug 1380310.

Commented on WPT PR 7301.

Closed geckodriver issue 961 and commented on geckodriver issue 956.

Commented on geckodriver issue 864.

Work on bug 1400256 to craft web element abstractions for Marionette.

Locked geckodriver issue 539.

Commented on Selenium issue 3943.

Commented on geckodriver issue 955.

Commented on geckodriver PR 103.

Wednesday 20th

Commented on WebDriver issue 1097. As far as I can tell, the Element Click command performs interactability checks.

Patched bug 1400226.

Commented on geckodriver issue 963.

1:1 with dburns.

Attended Marionette meeting.

Thursday 21st

Commented on bug 1400226.

Closed and commented on WebDriver issue 1098.

Closed WebDriver issue 1099.

Closed WebDriver issue 1100.

Closed geckodriver issue 965.

Rebased bug 1400226.

Reviewed WPT PR 7441 with wdspec tests for the Get Timeouts command.

Friday 22nd

Reviewed WPT PR 7441.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1105.

Closed geckodriver issue 969.

Closed geckodriver issue 967.

Closed geckodriver issue 968.

Reviewed bug 1397912.

Reviewed WPT PR 7409.

Reviewed WPT PR 7354.

Reviewed WPT PR 7353.

Reviewed WPT PR 7301.

Closed geckodriver issue 966.

Closed geckodriver issue 970.

Commented on geckodriver issue 964.

Filed bug 1402306.

Submitted PR 1107, PR 1108, PR 1109, PR 1110, PR 1111, PR 1112, PR 1113, PR 1114, PR 1115, PR 1116, PR 1117, and PR 1118 to the WebDriver specification.

Commented on bug 1385476.

Provided feedback on bug 1401510 which proposes moving the Marionette Python client into testing/marionette/driver.

Monday 25th

Provided needinfo on bug 1321516.

Commented on geckodriver issue 971.

Reviewed WPT PR 7461.

Provided needinfo on bug 1399633.

Reviewed WPT PR 7460.

Work on bug 1400256.

Tuesday 26th

Commented on bug 1321516.

Commented on geckodriver issue 962.

Work on bug 1400256 to provide internal abstractions for web elements. Once again I am facing myself spending an unproportional amount of time getting XUL-specific technology working.

Wednesday 27th

Commented on geckodriver issue 401 and geckodriver issue 810.

Commented on geckodriver issue 966 and filed bug 1403510 to track Delete Session returning an error if the previous Close Window command closed the session.

Closed geckodriver issue 973.

Closed geckodriver issue 972.

Provided needinfo on bug 1403528.

Reviewed WPT PR 7441.

Reviewed WPT PR 7409.

Reviewed WPT PR 7354.

Closed geckodriver issue 974.

Reviewed WPT PR 7353.

Rebased WebDriver PRs 1115, 1117, and 1118.

Reviewed WPT PR 7461.

Attended Marionette meeting.

Filed and patched bug 1403577.

Closed geckodriver issue 975.

Closed geckodriver issue 976.

Reviewed WPT PR 7512.

Declined WPT PR 7513.

Commented on bug 1403689.

Thursday 28th

Commented on geckodriver issue 951.

Friday 29th

Attended emergency first aid at work course.

Saturday 30th

Provided needinfo on bug 1403923.

Provided needinfo on bug 1402978.

Reviewed bug 1404277.

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1120.

Commented on geckodriver issue 981.

Commented on WPT PR 7461.

Patched bug 1403577.