May 2018

Wednesday 2nd

Reviewed bug 1396185.

Attending TRIBE in the Mountain View office.

Provided needinfo on bug 1414495.

Filed and patched bug 1458742.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1265.

Triggered a try run for bug 1441433.

Thursday 3rd

Reviewed and commented on bug 1455568.

Reviewed bug 1441433.

Reviewed WPT PR 8379.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1256.

Friday 4th

Commented on bug 1434907.

Filed bug 1459348.

Provided needinfo on bug 1455568.

Reviewed bug 1434907.

Saturday 5th

Requested needinfo on bug 1459346.

Reviewed bug 1434907.

Filed bug 1459414.

Sunday 6th

Closed geckodriver issue 1209.

Provided needinfo on bug 1434907.

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1259.

Requested needinfo on bug 1453292.

Commented on bug 1453307.

Did some investigation into bug 1370636 about enabling the Wd test job on Windows.

Tuesday 8th

Reviewed WPT PR 10691.

Provided needinfo on bug 1459346.

Reviewed bug 1455568.

Reviewed bug 1431081.

Provided needinfo on bug 1459118.

Reviewed bug 1434872.

Wednesday 9th

Commented on geckodriver issue 1267.

Reviewed bug 1453307.

Reviewed bug 1429391.

Provided needinfo on bug 1460059.

Commented on bug 1460239.

Commented on bug 1460193.

Provided needinfo on and reviewed bug 1460239.

Provided needinfo on bug 1434872.

Commented and cleared needinfo on bug 1459414.

Thursday 10th

Commented on geckodriver issue 1268.

Reviewed WPT PR 10691.

Filed bug 1460611.

Provided needinfo on bug 1453307.

Filed and patched bug 1460656 to avoid a sendSyncMessage on child process startup in Marionette for getting the log level.

Reviewed bug 1387678.

Rebased marionette-window-tracking.

Friday 11th

Reviewed WPT PR 10957.

Reviewed bug 1460651.

Filed Rust issue 50645.

Continued review of bug 1387678.

Continued work on marionette-window-tracking.

Saturday 12th

Filed and patched bug 1461101 to clean up some .hgignore and .gitignore files.

Reviewed bug 1460059.

Reviewed WPT PR 10965.

Reviewed bug 1460651 again and cleared needinfo.

Provided needinfo and a patch for bug 1396824 but concluded it would be better to move geckodriver to use a web framework, than to attempt implementing HEAD requests directly using hyper, mostly due to the imperfections of our router/route matcher.

Monday 14th

Reviewed bug 1460651.

Attended Marionette meeting.

Attended office meeting with marketing.

Reviewed bug 1461270.

Reviewed bug 1461253.

Requested needinfo on bug 1461101.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1270. Closed geckodriver issue 937 as a duplicate of it.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1256.

Commented on bug 1461463.

Tuesday 15th

Reviewed bug 1461253.

Reviewed bug 1460651.

Commented on bug 1461463.

Provided a very lengthy needinfo on bug 1461606.

Reviewed WPT PR 10957.

Closed geckodriver issue 1273.

Wednesday 16th

Provided needinfo on bug 1348145.

Provided needinfo on bug 1461463.

Attended benefits meeting.

Filed and patched bug 1461969, and commented on bug 1453057.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1248.

Reviewed and provided needinfo on bug 1387678.

Reviewed bug 1265584.

Continued work on marionette-window-tracking. Was able to successfully transition the patch from relying on TabOpen to use Browser:Init so it can support reftests properly, where we have ChromeWindows with a tab-less <xul:browser>.

Friday 18th

Commented on geckodriver issue 1275.

Reviewed bug 1461463.

Commented on bug 1387678.

Had a meeting with whimboo where we discussed return value wrapping in Marionette.

Reviewed bug 1452653.

Reviewed bug 1265584.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1276.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1273.

Filed bug 1462681.

Continued work on marionette-window-tracking.

Saturday 19th

Commented on geckodriver issue 1277.

Reviewed bug 1452653.

Continued work on marionette-window-tracking.

Monday 21st

Patched and provided needinfo on bug 1463085.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1278.

Commented on and requested needinfos on bug 1462007 regarding backwards compatibility of Firefox preferences.

Continued work on marionette-window-tracking and got most of the navigation tests, including remoteness changes, working!

Commented on geckodriver issue 1281.

Reviewed bug 1463251.

Tuesday 22nd

Procured wine for office wine night.

Wrote a lengthy update on the progress of the window tracking work on marionette-window-tracking.

Wednesday 23rd

Reviewed WPT PR 11108.

Commented on bug 1463739.

Friday 25th

Reviewed bug 1387678.

Reviewed bug 1420514.

Reviewed bug 1463739.

Provided needinfo on bug 1319793.

Published webdriver crate 0.35.1 and provided needinfo on bug 1463251.

Reviewed bug 1461463.

Rebased and continued work on marionette-window-tracking.

Filed bug 1464469 for logging the outerWindowID of the content browser.

Tuesday 29th

Reviewed bug 1387678.

Reviewed bug 1461463.

Provided needinfo on bug 1448792.

Provided needinfo on bug 1464995.

Filed and patched bug 1465072. to make marionette::get_free_port() use IPv4 consistently.

Patched bug 1464995 which fixes some problems with finding Firefox in mozrunner.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1281.

Wednesday 30th

Provided needinfo on bug 1319793.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1290.

Rebased and continued work on marionette-window-tracking.

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1262.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1263.

Filed and patched bug 1465527 to log parent test stacktraces in WPT.

Patched bug 1465530.