Friday 1st

Reviewed bug 1529285.

Reviewed bug 1529300.

Closed bug 1531483.

Commented on bug 1529273.

Commented on bug 1529291.

Saturday 2nd

Reviewed bug 1529300.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1514.

Commented on bug 1529291.

Reviewed bug 1529285.

Continued work on an HTTPD abstraction for protocdp.

Saturday 2nd

Commented on bug 1529291.

Continued work on protocdp.

Sunday 3rd

Commented on bug 1529291.

Closed geckodriver issue 1515.

Monday 4th

Provided needinfo on bug 1529296 and filed bug 1532232 about hooking ./mach build testing/geckodriver up to ./mach configure in order to generate mozilla-config.h.

Attended remote protocol meeting. Prepared the minutes afterwards.

Filed bug 1532256.

Closed bug 1531068.

Attended weekly WebDriver meeting.

Closed bug 1453099.

Filed and patched bug 1532344 documenting how to self-service ARMv7 HF builds of geckodriver.

Attended another meeting about Puppeteer priorities in the afternoon.

Reviewed bug 1529291.

Tuesday 5th

Commented on bug 1506829.

Addressed some Markdown syntax issues that caused bug 1532344 to get backed out yesterday.

Reviewed bug 1529291.

Reviewed bug 1530794.

Did some very minor work on protocdp due to illness.

Commented on WPT issue 15676.

Commented on bug 1529296.

Wednesday 6th

Commented on bug 1529293.

Provided needinfo on bug 1527304.

Provided needinfo on bug 1533023.

Commented on bug 1415923.

Reviewed bug 1533048.

Thursday 7th

Commented on bug 1529282.

Reviewed bug 1529291.

Reviewed bug 1533079.

Reviewed bug 1532919.

Reviewed bug 1529273.

Reviewed bug 1529285.

Patched remote agent to serve WebSockets from same HTTPD used initially.

Prepared protocdp for landing in central.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1518.

Closed bug 1532256.

Filed bug 1533579 to implement GET /json/version for the remote agent.

Friday 8th

Closed bug 1533579.

Rebased and rewrote the history of the protocdp branch, and prepared it for landing on inbound.

Requested needinfo on bug 1527304.

WebDriver meeting preparations.

Remote protocol meeting preparations.

Closed bug 1512337.

Set up new mailing list dev-remote@.

Reviewed bug 1529273.

Reviewed bug 1533679.

Filed bug 1533831.

Saturday 9th

Reviewed bug 1529285.

Reviewed bug 1529273.

Reviewed bug 1533786.

Reviewed bug 1529289.

Reviewed bug 1533679.

Monday 11th

Chaired remote protocol meeting.

Wrote up the minutes from the remote protocol meeting.

Reviewed bug 1529273.

Reviewed bug 1533682.

Tuesday 12th

Commented on bug 1529293.

Provided needinfo on and closed bug 1534461.

Wednesday 13th

Filed bug 1534970 to create some additional Remote Protocol bug components in Bugzilla.

Patched bug 1534829 to map the remote protocol source code to the right bug components.

Reviewed bug 1529273.

Patched bug 1534827.

Prepared for the remote protocol meeting on Monday.

Commented on bug 1534461.

Commented on bug 1529278.

Reviewed bug 1529273.

Commented on bug 1529293.

Reviewed bug 1535050.

Reviewed bug 1529293.

Thursday 14th

Reviewed bug 1535026.

Reviewed bug 1523234.

Reviewed bug 1529278.

Reviewed bug 1499082.

Friday 15th

Reviewed bug 1529282.

WebDriver and remote protocol meeting preparations.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1523.

Did a lot of follow-up on Outreachy applicants.

Reviewed bug 1535649.

Saturday 16th

Closed bug 1529293.

Sunday 17th

Commented on bug 1529278.

Commented on bug 1529293.

Monday 18th

Attended the remote protocol meeting, then later prepared the meeting minutes.

Closed geckodriver issue 1525.

Closed geckodriver issue 1526.

Filed bug 1536057 about an IPv6 bridge networking problem in the London office.

Closed bug 1470654.

Some Outreachy organisation.

Commented on bug 1483559.

Tuesday 19th

Completed a second draft of the remote agent announcement to Mozilla development mailing lists, and requested a second round of feedback.

Commented on bug 1536057.

Attended monthly internal Mozilla meeting.

Wednesday 20th

Filed myqonly issue 27.

Commented on myqonly issue 26.

Did some htmlgrep maintenance work.

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1404.

Thursday 21st

Did some more Outreachy preparation work.

Commented on bug 1536862.

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1405.

Reviewed bug 1536804.

Reviewed bug 1536794.

Reviewed bug 1536890.

Reviewed bug 1536888.

Reviewed bug 1536862.

Did some triage in the Remote Protocol Bugzilla components.

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1404.

Commented on review of bug 1495357.

Closed geckodriver issue 1529.

Friday 22nd

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1406.

Filed and patched bug 1538187.

Friday 29th

Prepared the remote protocol meeting on Monday.