Wednesday 1st

Reviewed bug 1537768.

Commented and requested needinfo on bug 1547198.

Commented on bug 1543115.

Commented on bug 1526364.

Commented on bug 1540655.

Filed bug 1548265 about MDN always loading in Kabyle (kab) language.

Reviewed bug 1543099, which implements Runtime.evaluate.

Filed bug 1548289.

Thursday 2nd

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1418.

Submitted WebDriver PR 1419.

Reviewed bug 1542244.

Reviewed bug 1543099.

Worked on a dashboard for the new remote protocol.

Friday 3rd

Reviewed WPT PR 16657.

Reviewed WPT PR 16656.

Continued work on the dashboard for the remote protocol.

Saturday 4th

Even more dashboard work.

Monday 6th

Continued work on the dashboard, and filed a lot of tracking bugs.

Tuesday 7th

Reviewed bug 1544445.

Reviewed bug 1495621.

Provided needinfo on bug 1468603.

Provided needinfo on bug 1538486.

Attended remote protocol meeting, following which I did the meeting minutes.

Wednesday 8th

Reviewed bug 1548098, which implements Runtime.callFunctionOn in a masterly way.

Reviewed bug 1545960.

Commented on bug 1468603.

Discussed potentially useful things to track in the remote protocol dashboard with jgraham.

1:1 with dburns.

Provided, and requested, needinfo on bug 1549996.

Made travel arrangements for TPAC in Fukuoka, Japan.

Did some preliminary work on bug 1540655 to run the Puppeteer test suite on try.

Friday 10th

Wrote the Firefox Technical Leadership about the creation of a new module for the Remote Protocol.

Continued work on bug 1540655.

Monday 13th

wrote email to the Mozilla governance@ mailing list about the creation of a new module for the forthcoming new remote protocol in Gecko.

Reviewed a patch for supporting HEAD requests in geckodriver. Looks really good!

Did some Outreachy organisation with jgraham.

Continued work on bug 1540655.

Filed and patched bug 1551188 to print the listening address in a way that conforms with Chrome.

Reviewed bug 1542244.

Provided needinfo on bug 1548265.

Tuesday 14th

Reviewed bug 1549384.

Commented on bug 1548265.

Reviewed bug 1548102.

Commented on bug 1543115.

Attended Remote Protocol weekly meeting, after which I did the minutes.

Decomissioned the #remote IRC channel in favour of a channel by the same name on the DevTools Slack.

Reviewed bug 1549785.

Outreachy preparation work.

Thursday 16th

Investigated a Puppeteer git repository issue with CRLF and LF file endings, and then commented on puppeteer PR 4320.

Reviewed bug 1549855.

Continued work on bug 1540655. Predictably ran into lots of npm problems.

Saturday 18th

Commented on puppeteer PR 4438.

Closed geckodriver issue 1556.

Continued work on bug 1540655.

Monday 20th

Reviewed bug 1407390.

1:1 with nbaghel.

Provided needinfo on bug 1552778.

Filed bug 1552918.

Reviewed bug 1552682.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1424.

Tuesday 21st

Outreachy coordination work.

Commented on bug 1539202, and filed the following new tracking bugs: 1553146, 1553147, 1553148, 1553151, 1553150, 1553149, 1553153, 1553155, and 1553156.

Addressed a code review issue with puppeteer PR 4438.

Continued work on bug 1540655, and was alerted to full source checkouts by jgraham, which seems like an easy way to get these tests running on try, since it avoids dealing with mozharness altogether.

Attended Remote Protocol weekly meeting, after which I did the minutes.

Commented on bug 1548596.

Filed and patched bug 1553316 to update the documentation to reference our new Slack channel.

Filed and patched bug 1553317 to improve error messages of missing method implementations.

Wednesday 22nd

Meeting with nupur (my Outreachy intern) and whimboo about the Marionette Rust library project. Later did some minutes and notes from this meeting.

1:1 with dburns.

Addressed code review issues with bug 1553317.

Attended monthly internal call.

Commented on geckodriver issue 476.

Thursday 23rd

Attended a meeting with jgraham, jdescottes, and ochameau.

Commented on and closed geckodriver issue 1558.

Commented on bug 1553854.

Commented on bug 1553847.

Attended a remote protocol meeting to align strategies for implementing CDP in Firefox.

Saturday 25th

Reviewed bug 1535102.

Reviewed bug 1554374.

Monday 27th

Closed WebDriver issue 1424.

Commented on bug 1546945, which has a number of misclassifications tied to it. It’s not causing all these intermittents.

Patched bug 1553544.

Filed and patched bug 1554638.

Addressed code review issues with bug 1553317.

Commented on bug 1553317.

Continued work on bug 1540655.

Tuesday 28th

Commented on and closed geckodriver issue 1561.

Commented on bug 1553317.

Conversation with yulia.

Attended interop team chitchat, which evolved into a larger conversation about our team’s priorities and about the forthcoming CDP-based remote protocol.

Long conversations with both jgraham and maja_zf on the same topic, who have just come back from maternity leave.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1562.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1563.

Wednesday 29th

Commented on bug 1555285.

Reviewed bug 1554619.

Closed geckodriver issue 1564.

Thursday 30th

Commented on geckodriver issue 1565.

Commented on D32028.

Updated the remote debugger project wiki page.

Continued work on bug 1540655. Figured out I need to modify taskcluster/ci/test/test-sets.yml for the test suite to be picked up.

Filed bug 1555701 about running the Wd test suite with Fission enabled. Also requested needinfo from jwatt on that, to find out what the correct preferences are.

Also filed bug 1555704 to write some cross-origin WebDriver tests for WPT.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1562.