Submitted some feedback on the Outreachy programme at Mozilla.

Provided needinfo on bug 1575531.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1608.

Commented on bug 1577428.

Triaged bug 1577504.

Commented on bug 1392313.

Worked on bug 1520585 to release geckodriver 0.25.0.

Continued work on bug 1543115 by creating an XPIDL interface for the remote agent.

Tuesday 3rd

Commented on bug 1577428.

Attended team chit chat.

Provided needinfo on bug 1578428.

Wednesday 4th

Today I experienced significant network problems with the office network, seriously impeding my work…

Commented on bug 1578428.

Spent some time helping to figure out a cargo workspace related problem.

Wrote an update on the Marionette Rust library.

Continued work on bug 1520585.

Added some more tribal words to the Mozilla acronym list.

Reviewed bug 1577428.

Thursday 5th

Rebased and fixed a spelling error in the changelog for bug 1520585.

Provided needinfo on bug 1575021.

Some follow-up on the internship presentation for Nupur.

Friday 6th

Commented on geckodriver issue 299.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1611.

Filed and patched bug 1579389 which provides some geckodriver documentation on profiles.

Rebased and addressed more code review issues with bug 1520585.

Reviewed bug 1578783.

Added some more acronyms.

Sunday 8th

Requested needinfo on bug 1578987.

Monday 9th

Responded to code review comment on bug 1579389.

Provided needinfo on bug 1579790 and commented on geckodriver issue 1610.

Reviewed bug 1298921.

Commented on bug 1493095 and bug 1569100.

Commented on bug 1559773.

Commented on bug 1529296.

Commented on geckodriver issue 299.

Caught up on a lot of email.

Commented on bug 1575263.

Rebased and landed stale patch from bug 1529296.

Struggled to understand moz-phab’s behaviour when retrieving a patch from Phabricator. When fetching a diff, it apparently does not try to apply it on top of your current branch.

Rebased and fixed test failure with bug 1569100.

Provided needinfo on bug 1525126.

Filed and patched bug 1579864 about ./mach wpt returning the wrong exit code. This required quite a lot of digging due to the number of abstractions in wptrunner…

Closed geckodriver issue 1613.

Added ty to the acronyms glossary.

Released geckodriver 0.25.0, and published webdriver, mozrunner, mozprofile, and mozversion crates.

Commented on bug 1579471 that cargo publish is now broken in central.

Filed bug 1579902 and bug 1579903 about not using relative path dependencies for mozrunner and geckodriver.

Tuesday 10th

Gave feedback on the Country Ambassador programme.

Commented on bug 1579790.

Filed and patched bug 1580190 and bug 1580193 with a couple of papercuts following the geckodriver 0.25.0 release.

Made the geckodriver 0.25.0 release announcements and drafted a release on GitHub.

Filed and patched bug 1580265.

Addressed code review issue with bug 1579389.

Filed and patched bug 1580269 to remove an unused moz.build file from mozrunner.

Wednesday 11th

Provided needinfo on bug 1525126.

Provided needinfo on bug 1578987.

Closed and commented on geckodriver issue 1615.

Addressed review issue with bug 1579389.

Closed bug 1579903.

Reviewed bug 1298921 again.

Patched bug 1579902 so that mozrunner is possible to publish without local changes to crates.io.

Commented on bug 1580453.

1:1 with dburns.

Commented on bug 1542229.

Add QBR to the acronyms list.

Attended the internal EU meeting.

Thursday 12th

Travel to Tokyo.

Addressed code review issue with bug 1580470.

Filed and patched bug 1580767 to start the next development iteration 0.26.0-alpha.0 for geckodriver.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1616.

Addressed even more code review issues with bug 1579389.

Friday 13th

Requested needinfo on bug 1542229.

Sunday 15th

Commented on geckodriver issue 1617.

Monday 16th

Attended WPT session at TPAC.

Commented on D45642.

Addressed another code review issue with bug 1579389.

Provided needinfo and closed bug 1575531.

Tuesday 17th

Attended WPT session at TPAC.

Fixed test failure and provided needinfo on bug 1580767.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1617.

Filed bug 1581739.

Rebased and addressed test failures with bug 1569100. This was more work than expected.

Thursday 19th

Attended BTT session at TPAC.

Friday 20th

Commented on bug 1581739.

Attended BTT session at TPAC.

Saturday 21st

Commented on geckodriver issue 1612.

Sunday 22nd

Commented on WebDriver PR 1405.

Monday 23rd

Did various coordination work for the team work week in London following SeleniumConf.

Did expenses from TPAC.