Friday 1st

Addressed code review issue with bug 1549708.

Attended remote agent weekly, after which I did the minutes.

Provided needinfo on bug 1591161.

Addressed code review issues with bug 1591927.

Filed bug 1593340.

Saturday 2nd

Wrote to dev-platform again to speak for easing review requirements for documentation changes from module peers.

Provided needinfo on bug 1591927 and filed bug 1593431.

Rebased and addressed code review issues with bug 1591927.

Rebased, addressed linting problems, and provided needinfo on bug 1549708.

Monday 4th

Wrote an extensive reply to a remote agent security review thread.

Provided needinfo and closed bug 1546945.

Addressed more code review issues with bug 1549708.

Rebased and addressed some of the code review issues with bug 1543115.

Filed and requested needinfo on bug 1593700.

Wednesday 6th

Conversation with whimboo about blocking and non-blocking CDP methods.

Replied to dveditz about the security review.

Filed bug 1594351 to flag in about:support when the remote agent is listening.

Provided needinfo on bug 1549484.

Responded to a code review issue in bug 1549708.

1:1 with dburns.

Commented on bug 1526364.

Reviewed bug 1592643.

Reviewed bug 1591922.

Thursday 7th

1:1 with whimboo where we went through a number of open needinfo requests.

Followed up on the code review of Puppeteer browser selection.

Provided needinfo on bug 1592311 regarding slowness running the bc tests on macOS.

Provided needinfo on bug 1593770 regarding a bug with the remote agent’s command-line flags.

Commented on bug 1526364.

Reviewed bug 1592643.

Reviewed bug 1587846.

Addressed code review issues with bug 1543115.

Filed bug 1594760.

Friday 8th

Provided and requested needinfo on bug 1593700 regarding new remote agent review policy.

Prepared for remote agent weekly.

Commented on bug 1594351.

Reviewed WPT PR 20153.

Reviewed bug 1594871.

Patched bug 1594351 to expose troubleshooting information about the remote agent to about:support in Firefox.

Attended remote agent weekly.

Requested needinfo on bug 1593700.

Addressed code review issues with bug 1594351.

Commented on bug 1543115.

Commented on bug 1595177.

Saturday 9th

Closed bug 1595043.

Did some bug triage in the Remote Protocol component.

Worked on bug 1591161 to find a safer way to serialise error prototypes across IPC.

Monday 11th

Added a few more acronyms.

Provided needinfo on bug 1569578.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1605.

Worked on bug 1591161.

Tuesday 12th

Filed and requested needinfo on bug 1595728.

Filed bug 1595727.

Filed bug 1595726 to set NavigatorAutomationInformation.webdriver to true when the remote agent is listening.

Replied to an email thread about async server code.

Commented on bug 1594357 regarding adding basic telemetry to the remote agent.

Addressed code review issues with bug 1594351.

Commented on bug 1591161.

Made meeting preparations for the remote debugging weekly.

Attended team chit-chat.

Booked travel for the Berlin all-hands.

Wedneday 13th

Spent some time understanding how Emulation.setUserAgentOverride gets reset in Chromium.

Filed a web compatibility bug for as web-bugs issue 44639.

Followed up with the UX team about whether or not UX review is needed for bug 1594351.

Provided needinfo on bug 1595112.

Helped jdai figure debug a permafailing Marionette test in bug 1595885.

Thursday 14th

Helped whimboo debug slowness in httpd.js. He found that it runs a forced GC when closing HTTP connections, which is presumably particularly bad in our case because we seize power of the last HTTP request and pass it on to nsIWebSocketChannel.

Rebased and addressed a code review issue with bug 1594351.

Friday 15th

Filed and patched bug 1596729 to document how to enable logging of system observer notifications.

Attended remote debugger weekly meeting.

Reviewed bug 1595112.

Provided needinfo on bug 1596393.

Reviewed bug 1596770.

Commented on bug 1596833.

Commented on bug 1593700.

Saturday 16th

Spent some time setting up a sccache build server in the office. It was not an entirely pleasant experience.

Provided needinfo on bug 1597036.

Reviewed bug 1590358.

Monday 17th

Provided needinfo on bug 1595878.

Spent most of the day tracking down a memory leak with bug 1543115. Finally found that we were accessing a null variable in JS and that the TypeError caused by it didn’t propagate across to Rust via XPIDL.

Commented on bug 1549464.

Tuesday 18th

Reviewed bug 1596918.

Rebased, correct a linting error, and fixed a build failure on Android with bug 1543115.

Commented on bug 1590220.

Commented on bug 1549451.

Commented on bug 1593226.

Commented on bug 1591979.

Commented on bug 1592086.

Commented on bug 1595728.

Commented on bug 1595795.

Commented on bug 1596833.

Commented on bug 1597259.

Reviewed bug 1585482.

Provided needinfo on bug 1543115.

Submitted patch for bug 1590826.

Wednesday 20th

Commented on and closed geckodriver issue 1657.

Filed bug 1597934 about ./mach bootstrap being broken with Debian.

Commented on bug 1597762.

Commented on bug 1597879.

Reviewed bug 1596888.

Commented on bug 1595795.

Commented on bug 1550108.

Resolved the build failure on Android for bug 1543115 by ensuring the nsIRemoteAgent service is only built conditionally.

Thursday 21st

Reviewed bug 1536103.

Disabled the remote agent on Windows AArch64 in order to get the Rust boostrapping code to build for bug 1543115, and filed bug 1598286 as a follow-up to remove the winapi 0.2.8 dependency that blocks this.

Reviewed bug 1557232.

Filed bug 1598363.

Friday 22nd

Looked into Node.js vendoring proposal and sent email summarising the status quo to dev-remote@.

Commented on bug 1565162 about the remote agent’s lack of Fission compatibility and the move to JSWindowActors.

Commented on bug 1430064 regarding implementing signal handling in geckodriver.

Provided needinfo on bug 1596393.

Rebased bug 1543115.

Submitted patch that re-vendors Puppeteer in bug 1590826.

Patched bug 1526364 which adds a visual cue to the browser UI when the remote agent is listening for browser-external connections.

Monday 25th

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1460.

Reviewed bug 1598971.

Reviewed bug 1596888.

Closed geckodriver issue 1659.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1660.

Commented on geckodriver issue 1617.

Commented on bug 1598731.

Commented on bug 1598832.

Commented on web-bugs issue 44639.

Filed bug 1599055.

Submitted patch for bug 1590827 which introduces a new remote-startup-requested observer notification, moving the remote agent away from sessionstore-windows-restored.

Addressed a code review issue with bug 1590827.

Had a 1:1 with whimboo where we talked about bug 1598832 and a few other things.

Reviewed bug 1598468.

Did the minutes from last week’s remote debugging protocol weekly.

Created document with puppeteer-alpha must-have’s.

Tuesday 26th

Commented on geckodriver issue 1658.

Commented on bug 1596601 regarding Page.setInterceptFileChooserDialog.

Re-vendored Puppeteer and patched bug 1599400.

Replied to code review comments in bug 1526364.

Prepared for the next remote debugging protocol weekly coming Friday.

Commented on bug 1590467.

Attended team chit-chat.

Thursday 28th

Reviewed bug 1593343.

Resolved bug 1542229.

Provided needinfo on bug 1544393.

Reviewed WPT PR 20504.

Filed and patched bug 1600081.

Filed and patched bug 1600078.

Commented on bug 1600055.

Patched bug 1544393, which turns the new Chromium-based remote debugging protocol on in Firefox Nightly.

Reviewed WPT PR 20509.

Filed bug 1600111.

Filed bug 1600113 and requested needinfo.

Filed and patched bug 1600121 to move the path check when targets are created into nsIHttpServer.registerPathHandler.

Filed bug 1600139 about adding remote agent specific errors to ErrorList.h.

Patched bug 1590828 so that we take appropriate action in the remote agent startup handler when something goes wrong.

Addressed code review issue with bug 1600081.

Reviewed bug 1597877.

Friday 29th

Reviewed bug 1597877.

Reviewed bug 1582973.

Closed bug 1600113.

Addressed code review issues with bug 1600111.

Attended remote weekly meeting.

Responded to code review issues in bug 1544393.

Filed bug 1600330 to write tests for nsIRemoteAgent.

Started planning for Q1 2020.

Planning for next week’s remote debugging weekly.

Provided needinfo on bug 1600297.

Saturday 30th

Submitted WebDriver PR 1461.

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1446 and WebDriver PR 1454.

Filed WebDriver issue 1462 about moving to use the Bikeshed pre-processor for the WebDriver specification.

Commented on WebDriver PR 1445.

Reviewed WebDriver PR 1444.

Commented on WebDriver PR 1440.