Thursday 2nd

Commented on bug 1606335.

Fixed test failures with bug 1603930 by disabling M(remote) on integration branches.

Filed bug 1606604.

Commented on bug 1606452.

Fixed test failures and addressed a code review issue with bug 1606317.

Filed and patched bug 1606612.

Filed and patched bug 1606613.

Requested needinfo on bug 1590451.

Triaged bug 1604777.

Submitted some preliminary patches for bug 1603078. Requested needinfo on same bug.

Ordered new hardware for work.

Addressed code review issues with bug 1606612.

Reworked the changeset for bug 1603930 to prefer Cosmin’s original patch.

Commented on bug 1606281.

Commented on bug 1606317.

Commented on bug 1605061.

Commented on bug 1604723.

Reviewed bug 1529516.

Friday 3rd

Reviewed and commented on bug 1593979.

Reviewed bug 1571424.

Commented on bug 1603930.

Commented on D57258.

Prepared for next week’s remote protocol weekly.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1443 about capturing the visible viewport when taking a screenshot with WebDriver.

Addressed code review issues with bug 1606317.

Patched and requested needinfo on bug 1603078.

Provided feedback on, rebased, and addressed test failures with bug 1606612.

Filed bug 1606812 about using mozharness for ./mach puppeteer-test.

Filed and patched bug 1606818.

Provided needinfo and fixed test failure with bug 1606317.

Filed bug 1606828 to add a -v[v] flag to ./mach puppeteer-test.

Filed bug 1606833.

Filed and patched bug 1606834.

Commented on and closed bug 1606812.

Patched bug 1606828.

Addressed test failures with bug 1606612.

Monday 6th

Investigated and provided needinfo on bug 1606935 regarding a perma test failure with the M(remote) bc test job on Windows AArch64.

Reviewed bug 1606794.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1478.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1479.

Prepared patches for bug 1598286 which upgrades the http crate so that we can build the remote agent on Windows AArch64. This in turn should also fix bug 1606935.

Addressed some feedback regarding Fission preferences with bug 1603078.

Addressed code review issues with bug 1565164.

Addressed code review issues with bug 1606612.

Commented on bug 1606317 and bug 1549510 regarding the securityDetails field that is part of CDP’s Network.Response type returned as part of Network.responseReceived.

Reviewed bug 1605650.

Provided needinfo on bug 1593431.

Commented on bug 1574446.

Commented on bug 1585961 regarding Firefox version parsing in Rust.

Closed WebDriver issue 1479.

Reviewed bug 1607121.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1478.

Reviewed bug 1600055.

Commented on WebDriver issue 1478.

Tuesday 7th

Reviewed bug 1603167.

Reviewed bug 1606335.

Started preparing slides for the Puppeteer lightning talk at the Berlin all-hands.

Reviewed bug 1602701.

Commented on bug 1603930.

Cleared needinfo on bug 1590451.

Filed bug 1607438.

Attended team chit chat.

Commented on bug 1604143.

Reviewed bug 1588114.

Reviewed bug 1398087.

Rebased and tested bug 1606612.

Filed and requested needinfo on bug 1607474 to make remote(pup) a tier-2 job.

Filed bug 1607481 to track the work to sunset the Marionette protocol in Gecko, then filed bug 1607478 to port the Addon:Install and Addon:Uninstall commands to the new remote debugging protocol. Also filed bug 1607485 to support script evaluation in chrome context.

Filed and patched bug 1607500.

Filed bug 1607502 to propagate Log.jsm logs through the Log domain.

Filed bug 1607506 to experiment using TypeScript on the remote debugging protocol code base.

Wednesday 8th

Commented on bug 1605499.

Reviewed bug 1596601.

Reviewed bug 1607461.

Reviewed bug 1596601.

Reviewed bug 1604143.

Commented on bug 1607560.

Reviewed bug 1596136.

Reviewed bug 1606794.

Started work on bug 1602940 to expose nsIUUIDGenerator as a shorthand on the Services module in JS.

Commented on bug 1607823.

Friday 10th

Reviewed bug 1590102.

Reviewed and ran a try run for bug 1604143.

Patched bug 1602940 which introduces nsIUUIDGenerator.generate(), returning a string directly.

Attended remote weekly.

Provided needinfo on bug 1604143.

Monday 13th

Provided needinfo on bug 1608001.

Reviewed bug 1607960.

Closed geckodriver issue 1674.

Closed WebDriver issue 1481.

Commented on bug 1604143.

Prepared for the remote protocol weekly meeting.

Rebased bug 1606828.

Continued work on bug 1591161.

Tuesday 14th

Reviewed bug 1544417.

Reviewed bug 1608370.

Reviewed bug 1588114.

Continued work on bug 1591161.

Wednesday 15th

Continued work on bug 1591161.

1:1 with dburns.

Meeting with Selena.