I am Andreas Tolf Tolfsen. I work on the underpinnings of the web platform, in particular on remote interfaces and interoperability.

Picture of Andreas
Me at Lindesnes Lighthouse, the southernmost tip of Norway, in 2012.

I am employed by Mozilla to work on these things. It is a great privilege to be stewarding the internet as a global public resource. If you consider plurality and lack of vendor domination on the WWW a good thing, please consider using Firefox: it is the last free and independent browser.

I came to Mozilla from Opera, who I worked for when the idea of giving people in unexpected places web access was still the championing idea. Nowadays my only interest is in the other type of opera that involves wonderful sounds, strange plots, loud singing, and ridicolous costumes. I enjoy being a spectator—often with Wagner on the programme—but I have occasionally been known to take to the stage in various performances.

Since access to the web as a public resource has become somewhat of an obsession, I’m also involved in writing and implementing specifications that help improve it. In my time working on web browsers, I have done a lot of protocol design and the practical application that has come out of it is two WebDriver implementations for Firefox and Opera. My current interests in remote control protocols does however lie in richer duplex querying- and debugging interfaces, as the existing corpus of protocols fail to expose the true power of the web platform to the surrounding system.

In 2014, I married Maja Myhre. We live together opposite Execution Dock in Wapping, London: infamous for its swashbuckling sailors, vindictive judges, and violent uproars.